About Stratis


Stratis is one of the brands of the Hörlle group, we are an innovative company that is always on the lookout for trends, bringing innovation and ecology to consumers.


To offer creative, practical and ecological solutions in cardboard paper for several segments.


Become a green and sustainable company with creative products, made with recycled paper.


Creativity, sustainability, environmental responsibility.

“The wisdom of nature is such that it produces nothing of

superfluous or useless. “

Our products include creativity, functionality, endurance and customization, always aimed at to sustainability. Using a 100% recycled raw material, our models adapt to any type of need and can be personalized in a variety of ways. It is possible to print images, prints and logos leaving the product with your face. Meet here by clicking here our area to customize your coat hanger.

  “The starting point for
a world is the respect
with the nature.”